An extraordinary investment opportunity

A Share-Block investment of Extraordinary value 

Own your own Hotel suite and and an equal share with ten other suite owners of the forty-hectare iconic Coastal Nature Reserve including eight weeks of free residency and an attractive Rental Pool offering that credits your monthly levy through Rental Pool earnings

from the Hotels total operating profit. An income stream proven over fifteen years of profitable trading provides the basis for realistic achievable earnings and

creates sound assumptions in the annual budgeting process on which the levies and rental pool distributions are based.

The benefits of an established and proven market that has been demonstrated from years of trading this unique Hotel adds substance to rental pool distribution projections.

Management fees to run the Hotel for share block owners are declared upfront in the rental pool and sale agreements as permanent percentages and part of the sales package.

Budgets are approved by share block owners annually as do deductions set aside for the replacement reserve fund which always remain under the control of the share block directors who are appointed in equal number as to A and B class shares.

A class shares being those issued to suite owners and B class shares to the developer who owns all the Hotel common areas and their assets with the exception of the joint share of the nature reserve which is attached to the value of the A class shareholder’s suite area and its furnishing assets