Management Provenance

The Hotel’s Management Provenance

The Hotel will continue to be managed by Howard Stevens Hospitality a hotel management company founded by the Hotels owner Russell Stevens over forty years ago and past chairman and controlling shareholder of the Three Cities Hotel Group prior to its sale to Tourvest in 2013.

Howard Stevens Hospitality have continued to develop and manage a number of unique high quality properties while retaining Plettenberg Park as a family owned Hotel.

Plettenberg Park closed in June 2017 after the Garden Route fire and now rebuilt it retains its original setting and unparalleled coastal position with amazing views of its dramatic coastline.

The share block owners will have the security of a proven management team who are also involved in the development of the The Plettenberg Park Botanical Estate its Northern neighbor which adjoins the Hotels Nature Reserve a long term project established as an Echo tourism attraction for Plettenberg Bay.

The Botanical Estate’s land will be contiguous with the Hotels Coastal Nature Reserve with share block owners having free right of access to the Botanical Estate and its facilities while enjoying the privacy of their own private coastal land managed and maintained by Botanical staff as a private reserve.